December  2006


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aroundthestate (continued)


The Virginia Beach office instructed identified sex offenders to report to the District 23 office during the high-risk Trick or Treat hours. Offenders were processed by supervising Probation Officers in conjunction with community service providers.  Offenders were restored to supervision after the Virginia Beach curfew had passed.


On Halloween night, the Radford Office reprised the New River Valley “Operation Light’s Out.”   Fifty letters were mailed to registered sex offenders in Floyd, Montgomery, and Pulaski Counties and the City of Radford, instructing them to eschew all Halloween activities, and to remain in their homes with all outside lights off from 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. During the course of the evening, Officers Karen Alderman, Patricia Ball, Rick Callahan, Anil Goswami, Leigh Ann Henderson, Doug Irvin, Chad Phillips and Phillip Reese made unannounced surveillance contacts at 23 sex offender's residences. The team reported 100% compliance with instructions.


On November 2, 2006, Radford Senior Probation and Parole Officer Donald Roop, in conjunction with the Radford Police Department, finalized a “Site Assessment Photo Manual for Probation and Parole District #28,” which was created to provide photographic structural information to first responders as to the entire layout of the District office building and grounds, including interior and exterior views, for sight lines in case tactical team involvement is required.


Planning was given to multiple-user scenarios including fire, hostage taking, bomb threats, etc. Copies are stored in secure locations, one in the District office and another in the Radford Police Department.  Should an incident occur while staff is in the building, this photo log would be part of a compact package of materials that would be accessed.  If the District's copy would be unavailable for whatever reason, then first responders would utilize the Radford Police Department's copy.


On November 17, 2006, Deputy Chief Probation and Parole Officer Sam Arnold - a 2006 Department of Corrections participant - graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Public Safety Institute. This scholarship opportunity, developed through the L. Douglas Wilder School for Government and Public Affairs, began in early October and utilized an intensive six-week course of study at the VCU campus in Richmond.


This year, the Fairfax Probation Office again planned and successfully administered the 2006 version of "Porch Lights Out" on Halloween night.  Eighty sex offenders in Fairfax County/City were targeted and given specific instructions regarding their activities and whereabouts during the time when children would be on the street "Trick or Treating."  From 5:30 p.m. through 9:30 p.m., the District's Team, comprised of Terrel Adcock, Denise Hayes, Jim Irving, Robert Jackson, Don Needels, Tom Quinn, Robert Smith and Monica Tressler, conducted drive-by surveillance and intervention to ensure that sex offenders were home with their porch lights off and not a threat to the children in the community.


The Fairfax Recidivist Prevention Program's 2006 Winter Graduation Ceremony was held on December 13, 2006.  The event, attended by family and friends of the eighteen graduates, were honored to have in attendance four Fairfax County Circuit Court Judges: The Honorable Kathleen H. MacKay, David T. Stitt, Arthur B. Vieregg, Jr., and Robert W. Wooldridge, Jr.  Three of the program graduates shared what they had learned in the Program, how it had helped them, and how they expected it to continue helping them in the future.  Those who contributed to the success of the program and the graduation included Ronald E. Dawson, Scott R. Dulaney, Hermene Rocamora, Angela L. Tillman and Barbara Novak Timms.


The Hampton Office joined other offices around the state this year to enhance public safety in the community on Halloween night.  All sex offenders were notified to be in their homes with Porch Lights Out during Trick or Treat hours 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.  Predatory sex offenders were targeted for random home contacts to ensure compliance


During the month of November, Jerry Fitz convened the inaugural sessions of a group he created in the Henrico Office - "The African-American Peer Group."  Meeting agendas incorporate such topics as Fatherhood, Starting your Own Business, and Keeping a Checkbook. 


On Halloween night, Henrico conducted a "Trick no Treat Operation."   All District sex offenders reported to the Henrico Police Department for a lockdown.  Thirty-two offenders were expected.  One offender, however, failed to report, which resulted in an immediate arrest the following day.  Four DNA samples were collected for the database, and Henrico Police conducted warrant checks.  The evening also included a poignant movie on victim sensitivity.


In Warsaw, the ongoing sex offender treatment group was convened on Halloween night and sex offenders were held in the District Office during trick or treat hours.


On Halloween night, the Williamsburg Office utilized contracted treatment providers to conduct group and individual sessions for the highest risk sex offenders.  Additionally, home contacts were conducted on offenders not present for the scheduled group session.


In mid-October, Lynde Jirikovic, Probation Officer, and Lisa Stapleton, Deputy Chief, Alexandria, attended a training conference in Lexington, Kentucky.  The conference, which sponsored by the American Probation & Parole Association, in conjunction with the Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women (OVW), focused on “Community Corrections’ Response to Domestic Violence.”  The two Officers attended with a local jurisdictional team that included a prosecutor, public defender, police detective, victim advocate, and a Circuit Court Judge.  Their attendance was funded through a federal grant awarded to the Alexandria Police Department by OVW.   The training presented guidelines for the supervision and investigation of domestic violence offenders.  The District envisions employing these guidelines and making proposals for state-wide implementation.












Charles K. Rigney, who served as a Probation and Parole Officer in District 37 for twenty-eight years, retired in November, 2006.  "Chuck" was an outstanding probation officer, who will be missed.  Chuck is wished the very best in his future endeavors.


On October 25, 2006, a Regional Manager’s Audit concluded in the Emporia Office.  Auditors failed to find any areas of concern and asserted that the District was in very good standing with regard to standards.


Operation Porch Lights Out, in the Emporia Office, targeted 43 sex offenders, who were instructed to remain in their homes with porch lights out.  All displays of Halloween paraphernalia were banned and offenders were instructed to abstain from all Trick or Treat activities.  Intensive Supervision Officer Glenn Driver, four Probation Officers and a surveillance Officer conducted random checks to verify compliance with the instructions.


A total of twenty letters were forwarded to sex offenders under supervision in the Franklin Office instructing them to appear in the office on Halloween evening.  Offenders with verified legitimate obligations were exempted.  One was arrested on outstanding warrants.  The remaining offenders were held from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m.  A Virginia State Police Trooper provided Sex Offender registration information, and a contracted treatment provider facilitated substance abuse groups for attendees.  Probation Officer Ken Bradley coordinated the activities for the district.










The Eastern Virginia Day Reporting Center (EVDRP) recently benefited from the combined efforts of a local Boy Scout troop.  The troop landscaped and refurbished the flower beds in front of the facility as a public service project that earned them credit toward their Eagle Scout Order of the Arrow.  No offenders were present during the project, and the EVDRP staff made a conscious effort to have coverage focus on the efforts and achievements of the Scouts. 








N E W   A N D   B R I E F S

The Rocky Mount Probation and Parole Office staff, along with Boy Scout Troop #456, donated non-perishable food items as part of the Rocky Mount Police Department’s annual "Feed the Elderly" program.  The food items were placed in baskets and distributed to needy elderly people in Franklin County.  This marked the second year the District 37 office participated in this worthwhile  program.  The Office also sponsored an "Angel" (a twelve-year-old boy) through the Angel Tree Child Advocacy Center.

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On October 13, 2006, Franklin personnel completed its first official trash pick-up for the Adopt-a-Highway Program.  The crew consisted of five offenders and five staff members, including Chief Probation Officer Aaron Boone.  The District, which has a strong reputation for community involvement also raised a total of $873 for the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign.  The total represented an increase of $289 from last year.

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