Virginia Probation and Parole Association

Welcome to the official website for the Virginia Probation and Parole Association.  The Association was established in 1973 as a professional alliance committed to service and advocacy for Probation and Parole Officers.  Later, membership was broadened to include Community Corrections professionals serving in analogous positions.

Update on Proposed Budget – 1-4-22

We want to encourage the members of the Virginia Probation & Parole Association to continue to voice their concerns to their elected state Delegate and Senator about the current proposed budget.  It is very important each of us share our concerns that Probation Officers will not be included in the current salary increase proposal by Governor Northam for law enforcement staff.

Tomorrow (January 5, 2022) the House Appropriations Committee will be meeting.  We also want to encourage everyone to take a few minutes to write to the members of this Committee to share those same concerns.

VPPA has put together an updated letter to address those concerns. Here is the link to that letter:

2022 VPPA Response to Northam’s Proposed Budget

The letter can be printed or downloaded and sent to your Delegate and Senator as well as the members of the House Appropriations Committee.  Please remember NOT to use your DOC email to send this communication to your legislators.

The website to find out more about what is going on at the Virginia General Assembly is:

The link to find your Virginia State Delegate and Senator is:

The link to find the memberships of the House Appropriations Committee is:

Your VPPA Public Information Officer will be speaking before the House Appropriations Committee tomorrow and will also be included in a call with Appropriations and Safety Committee members to put together a Budget Bill Amendment to include Probation Officers in the proposed pay raises.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions please contact the VPPA President Ben Morgan or the VPPA Public Information Officer Su Tarr.