The Virginia Probation and Parole Association is constantly working with law makers at the Virginia General Assembly to ensure legislation is in the best interest of Virginia Probation and Parole Officers.  During the General Assembly sessions this page will be updated with lobbying efforts of current legislation.

UPDATE (1-28-21):
HB2260 – 2021 Session (The companion to SB1211 which we previously mentioned.)
This is an urgent matter related to an important legislative action. The companion bill to SB1211 is now in the House and is titled HB2260. On February 5, 2021, the House is expected to vote on this. Below we have provided a link to view HB2260. Also provided are links to assist should you choose to write the Patrons of the bill, the members of the House Appropriations Committee and your delegate. The last link will connect you to a Word document containing an outline of a sample correspondence. Please let your voice be heard.

As a reminder, please do not correspond with the Legislators using your state email and periodically check this website for updates.

This is a link to HB2260.
This is a link to see who the Patrons are of HB2260.
This is a link to see the members of the House Appropriations Committee.
This is the link to help find your Delegate.
This is the link to a sample correspondence.


The state pay system is plagued by market lag (the State’s own annual salary comparisons in 2016 showed that pay for State positions lags behind comparable private sector, federal, and local government positions by 27% or more and salary compression – where newer employees at times must make the same salary or more than senior employees in the same job in order to recruit and retain new workers). Total compensation is no longer competitive to comparable positions in the private sector due to a combination of low salaries and changes in retirement benefits. The General Assembly began to address the market lag and salary compression issues with actions in 2013 and again in 2015. A contingent appropriation for an across-the-board increase in 2016 was canceled due to a revenue shortfall. An across the board 3 percent increase was given in 2017 and further pay action is necessary to compete with private sector salaries.


• An across-the-board base pay increase in FY 2018 to prevent the private/public market pay gap from worsening;
• Targeted salary adjustments for those positions with extraordinarily high turnover rates;
• Targeted salary adjustments for those positions with the highest market gap;
• Targeted salary improvements designed to correct salary compression;
• Putting state employee pay considerations first in the executive budget development process.


• Using contingent appropriations to fund pay raises;
• Any actions that would result in a reduction in take home salary.