About Us

We envision a safe community through the involvement, enhancement, and professionalism of our members. We are committed to improving Probation and Parole practices at all levels by fostering the development of essential knowledge, skills, resources, and legislation for the most effective and efficient possible supervision practices.


  • We believe a full range of sanctions and services enhances community safety.
  • We believe in a system that promotes the awareness of the needs of the community in a supportive and innovative manner.
  • We value partnerships as a means of effective service delivery.
  • We believe education is the foundation of any endeavor and we seek to provide learning through training and communication.
  • We value an environment that cultivates integrity, diversity, and respect through leadership and empowerment.
  • We believe in professionalism that is characterized by leadership, motivation and ethical conduct.


  • To advance probation and parole work as a professional endeavor.
  • To strengthen the professional status of probation and parole by improving training, by promoting effective techniques, by promoting high standards, and by disseminating pertinent and constructive information.
  • To increase public awareness and acceptance for probation and parole as an effective means of prevention, reduction, and deterrence of criminal behavior.
  • To seek effective legislation for the prevention, control and treatment of crime, and to convey Association positions on pertinent pending legislation.
  • To promote compensation that is commensurate with the skills of the profession, and that encourages the procurement, retention, and advancement of qualified, professional personnel.

Off-Site Conferences – During the early years, the Department of Corrections provided sites for conferences but resisted supporting off-site events. Today, the Association enjoys the support of Department management, and annually hosts conferences that rotate around the state.
Compensation – The Association has effectively lobbied several compensation matters before the Legislature, including Salary Restructuring, Salary Enhancement, and Salary Compression.
VALORS – Virginia Law Officer’s Retirement System – The Association lobbied successfully for enhanced retirement benefits similar to those of other state and local law enforcement agencies.
Training Opportunities – The Association sponsors training programs that are local and regional so that a greater number of Officers have access to these opportunities.
Scholarships – The Association, to encourage professional development, regularly budgets funds for tuition reimbursement to benefit members involved in continuing education courses and training.
Directory – The Association annually publishes a directory that provides contact information for each District, Community Corrections Programs, the Parole Board, and the Interstate Compact Office. The directory also provides a valuable guide for identifying which District provides services for each County and City in the State.

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